Single Review – Paramore – Hard Times 

Paramore are back with new single ‘Hard Times’ and it’s hard to believe it’s been over three years since the trio released their last pop-infused self-titled album. But with a dramatic change of lineup (saying goodbye to hipster-facial-hair bassist Jeremy Davis and reuniting with former drummer Zac Farro, who it always felt only left the band he loved under the influence of a certain ex-paramore guitarist) meant the band experienced some difficulty in the build up to their latest release. Which could be one reason ‘Hard Times’ continues Paramore’s brightly coloured re-imagining of late eighties bittersweet pop in the bitter-sweetest of ways. A little more The Cure meets Cyndi Lauper the track is just as sugar coated as ‘Ain’t it fun’ using Taylor York’s spiked guitar lines and Farro’s rippled drum loops to counter the songs lyrical themes. Focused on returning from a depressive experience, reaching back from a dark hole into neon lights and loud shirts ‘Hard Times’ is another excellent example of Paramore intertwining emotional bruises with glitter and confetti. All this is reflected perfectly in the tracks accompanying video, which sits somewhere between ‘Take On Me’ and the memory of an animation featurette on Sesame Street and would you really expect anything less.

Haley Miller 

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