Single Review – BAIO – Philosophy 

Chris Baio is back with a new single ‘Philosophy’ which will be featured on his upcoming second album Man of the World which is expected on June 30th. His debut The Names received a brilliant response for its imaginative structures, eccentric lyrics and varied sound. With it, he proved that he is a true purveyor of fine music. His new album was written and co-produced by Chris in Brixton amidst the chaos of 2016; from the death of David Bowie to the great political upheavals that developed throughout the year. This all occurred whilst he was “a nomad” and this new album is very much his view of such events. ‘Philosophy’ is a rhythmic track laden with horn based hooks and loose riffs. The sound he’s created has a greater sense of ease to it and Chris’ measured vocals mirror this to form a slick piece of music. This track has a keen sense of melody and again Chris demonstrates his ability to form hooks from unusual sources. It all bodes well for what should be a promising second effort from BAIO.

Owen Riddle 

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