Single Review – HAIM – Right Now

HAIM are an American pop rock band formed by three sisters. Danielle Haim as the lead vocalist with the other switching up depending on the song, and guitarist. Alana Haim plays the keyboard, the guitar and and Este Haim is on the bass and takes care of the harmonies. Haim means ‘Life’ in Hebrew. After performing with a few groups, the sister founded ‘HAIM’ in 2007 but they didn’t consider it a serious career yet after releasing their first EP ‘Forever’ and performing at the ‘South by Southwest’ Festival they scored a deal with Polydor Records and a management deal with Roc Nation in 2012. They released their debut album ‘Days Are Gone’ in September 2013 and they just confirmed their long awaited new album, called ‘Something To Tell You’, will be released on July 7 this year. 

HAIM debuted their new song ‘Right Now’, which will be part of the album, and it’s great. This track is different from their rockier previous songs and is a ballad a of broken promises, misplaced hope and a strong backbone. The minimalist arrangement, the drums and guitars sound absolutely huge and achieve a perfect harmony. The lyrics are right to the point and will give you goose bumps and the vocals just touch a part of you we mostly want to keep hidden deep down. The arrangement keeps hinting that it’s going to build to this huge rock song, but your expectations won’t be met, the music perfectly reflects the lyrics which are all about promises never fulfilled. A very brave choice on their part.

There also is a pinch of irony in the text. The lover had her ‘feeling foolish for ever thinking this could be the one.’ Danielle keeps singing ‘I wasn’t even in the running, already had your mind made up. You left me searching for the reason, why’d you leave, left me in the dust’. But then, in the chorus, and presumably a while later when she was starting to make a sense of what happened and getting over it this person comes back! ‘And now you’re saying that you need me babe, (Right now, right now) and now you’re saying that you love me, love me babe (Right now, right now)…’ 

She proceeds remembering how she was wronged and hurt, how she put everything on the table and how she had to leave empty-handed. ‘Gave you my love, thought I could trust you. You let me down at every turn. You had me hanging on a dream you never believed. You gave me your word’. So, even if the betraying lover is trying to come back now, she’s not having it. She’s strong, she is taking care of herself: ‘Finally on the other side now and I could see for miles…’ Basically she realises that what this person is doing is too little, too late and sings: ‘Saying that you need me, not now, not now. I know you heard me through an open window, whispers can’t read to your ear, whispers sounded so clear’.

This will be an exciting year for HAIM and they definitely are a band to keep an eye on. In the summer the band will be very busy on the Festival circuit all over the world and you can see them in the UK at Glastonbury Festival, Reading, Leads and many more. We can already hear the crowd singing ‘Right now, Right now’!

Lea Fabbrini 


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