Single Review – Chase and Status feat. Blossoms – This Moment 

In light of the new partnership with fresh indie group Blossoms, electronic duo Chase and Status said: “It’s always a challenge to collaborate with another act, but this was easy.” And you can tell. The slickness with which This Moment is pulled off is impeccable, with the effortless mingling of Blossoms’ etheral ambience and the staple defiant synth work of Chase and Status. The drum and bass outfit separate themselves from all the others competing for their heights via the impassioned ferocity that lifts each of their tracks – making them something much more than meaningless songs to dance along to – only to be furthered this time by the stirring vocals of Tom Ogden. Though this is an improbable coupling, it works so well. I love it when two completely diverse styles collide and can produce something this accomplished. It means there are so many unexplored collaborations and styles to look forward to – and it’s 90% likely Chase and Status will produce them.

Eleanor Chivers 

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