Single Review – Royal Blood – Hook, Line and Sinker

The Brighton rock duo Royal Blood reintroduced themselves with the release of Lights Out earlier in April, demonstrating the same thrashing methodology and jarring fierceness explored on their self-titled debut. The latest offering – Hook, Line and Sinker – follows in the same vein. It finds foundation in the frenzied opening guitar riff, which sets the tone for the chaotic accompanying music video, as well as the heated vocals and instrumentalism that intensify throughout, not to mention the little snippet of cowbells fans are going crazy for. The most effective part of the track is the hushed portion towards the end, which soon bursts into the lashing guitar we’re used to. It does share similarities with the debut’s material – you can tell they’re related, but at the same time there are differences that make their shuddering rock all the more punchy and effective. With the two success stories made of Lights Out and Hook, Line and Sinker, June’s release of How Did We Get So Dark? is set to be just as ferocious as the debut, if not more so.
Ellie Chivers

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