Single Review – RAY BLK – Doing Me

Winning the BBC’s Sound Of isn’t always an absolute indication of greatness but with previous winners Adele and Sam Smith’s obvious global success the poll really isn’t something to be ignored. Particularly when it some to the obvious attention it can generate for new artists. And London singer/rapper RAY BLK is without a doubt worthy of more attention. New single ‘Doing Me’ surges, throwing back to 90’s RnB with some Lauryn Hill honesty and frank talk about lust, love and the need to be true to yourself in the face of the judgemental; ‘A short skirt doesn’t mean that I want it, my appearance doesn’t represent my wallet, this is for the ignorant ones with opinions, keep your two cents inside your pocket.’ With the help of producer Jimmy Napes ‘Doing Me’ is an uplifting, US styled RnB summer anthem but that isn’t to say BLK has let go of her London roots. Lyrics are still heavy with her authentic British slant; ‘It’s about being yourself no matter what and not caring about judgement. People are going to judge you whether you do bad or good so you have to do you regardless.’ Watch out for RAY BLK at Reading and Leads and Glastonbury.

Hayley Miller

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