Single Review – Glass Animals – Agnes

After the release of debut album ‘Zaba’ two years ago, it was hard to be sure exactly where, Oxfords answer to Alt-J, Glass Animals might take things for their second offering. With a few years of touring the world, including the obligatory breaking of America, under their belts, new single ‘Agnes’ reveals the answer is a little more human. A tiny step away from the band’s fascination with strange sounds, and bongos, ‘Agnes’, taken from the band’s new album ‘How To Be A Human’, is a lesson in embracing an emotional side. Where ‘Zaba’ was insular and abstruse, ‘Agnes’ see’s the band looking outwards, examining the mess that is humanity. Pulling in every direction from the opening layered notes, where a subtle melody builds with the slightest hint of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ whispering into your eardrums, and a melancholy piano envelops frontman David Bayley’s lyrics of a self-destructive character, your heart is swept from sadness towards a rousing atmosphere that makes ‘Agnes’ addictively captivating. 

Hayley Miller

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