Single Review – Lucy Rose – Moirai

With her third studio album due for release on 7th July, Lucy Rose dropped Moirai – a glossy piano ballad deliberating the idea of fate and destiny in love. Rose already explored subtle and soft instrumentalism in Is This Called Home, sidelined by the more stirring No Good at All, which shared a greater resemblance to the tracks adorning her last album, Work it Out. Moirai explores a style more comparable to the former, with Rose’s vocals remaining centre-stage (where they should be), only to be buoyed by a graceful orchestral backing, warm piano and the slight flicker of percussion. It’s a beautifully composed number, with lyrics to match, but none of the singles she’s released carry the same weight of those featured on Work It Out. Her talent cannot be undermined, but I can’t say I’m super excited for this release.

Eleanor Chivers

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