Single Review – Lana Del Rey – Summer Bummer feat. A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti

New Single ‘Summer Bummer’, a title that feels like the crude rhyming of a five-year-old, is absolutely everything we’ve come to expect from Lana Del Rey. Residing firmly in her unchanging pouting murmurings ‘Summer Bummer’ whispers into life, building from faint piano keys to wisps of Lana’s trade mark, if grumpy cat could sing, style. As always, Del Rey’s theme of summer is a clouded love story. Opening line; ‘It’s never too late to be who you wanna be’ quickly unfurls towards a story of drug temptation and an unhealthy pool-side relationship. Though I’m personally unsure of exactly what went wrong during the long hot summers of Lana’s past, every year she creates a new shaded offering of dead romance and jilted lovers. Things momentarily snap into a harsher life, through Del Rey’s haze of heat exhaustion, as A$AP Rocky applies his lyrical expertise to the track, attempting to define the story of hedonistic failings. Despite some pretty gloomy themes however, as always with Del Rey’s summer singles, ‘Summer Bummer’ does end up feeling like the kind of track that fits within this time of year, particularly on those uncomfortable drowsy days. 

Hayley Miller

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