Single Review – Sara Hartman – Dance With A Ghost

Sara Hartman’s new single ‘Dance With A Ghost’ sees’ the Berlin based, New York singer songwriter building a clear, elegantly emotive lyric into a straight forwardly percussive chorus. ‘Straight to the point, nothing to prove, give it all away, nothing to lose’. ‘Dance With A Ghost’ wears its melancholic heart on its alternative indie sleeve. A warning, of sorts, against wallowing in the past as the present can hurt you enough without the added bite of self-torture thrown in. Hartman creates an empowering yet gentle track, reciting independence and self-worth as the goal of any happy ending. Hartman asks for honesty in the tracks, I’ll be fine either way, love story. ‘Better to dance alone than dance with a ghost’. Imagine Sara Bareilles’s Love Song covered by Lorde and infused with just a little Amy Macdonald folk-pop and you’ll be millimetres away from the enchanting allure of Hartman’s track.  

Hayley Miller

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