Single Review – Alvvays – Dream Tonite

Second single from Canada’s Alvvay’s soon to be released second album, ‘Antisocialites’ – due Sept 8th- ‘Dream Tonite’ is a drifting antisocial daydream set on an average city bus route. Turning loneliness into a modern fairy tale, with the air of a more hopeful Lana Del Ray, lead singer Molly Rankin creates an atmosphere it’s difficult to avoid swooning at. Written alone in an abandoned Toronto Island school room Rankin has keeps things lyrically quiet lulled as the track unwinds fragments of an imagined romance turned cold, while still managing to maintain a youthful indie poetic optimism in adversity, and also including the band’s future album title; ‘In fluorescent light, antisocialites watch a wilting flower’. There is a feeling of school girl heartbreak, a copy of Wuthering Heights tucked into a backpack, about ‘Dream Tonite’ that the track’s bridge encapsulates perfectly, a mournful bitter edge to the Rankin’s gentle words; ‘your face was supposed to be hanging over me like a rosary, so morose for me; seeing ghosts of me; writing oaths to me’. Though ‘Dream Tonite’ is a rather gloomy fantasy of lost love the songs starry eyed feel and simple repeated phrases are enough to keep this dream enchanting.

Hayley Miller

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