Single Review – The Killers – Run For Cover 

The Killers fifth studio album Wonderful Wonderful is expected on September 22nd. Thirteen years after their debut album, it can be argued that as a band they had lost their kick and Pop drive with Battleborn. Despite this, Brandon Flowers second solo album The Desired Effect offered up a marked change in energy and direction. The first single from their new album ‘The Man’ hinted at a return of their hit making prowess along with a strong message to their music delivered through their ability to deliver a clear narrative to their lyrics. Their new single ‘Run For Cover’ has less of the ironic swagger of their first single and is a fast paced, punchy track instead. With rapid rhythms, rumbling bass lines and ringing lead guitars the track maintains an impact that powers on to a peaking chorus. The song is reminiscent of their first two albums in terms of the sheer energy and indulgence with probably one too many guitar parts, but it’s a sound that you want to be layed on thick due to the catchiness of it all. It isn’t a perfect track nor their best, but it’s probably the most confident they’ve sounded for over a decade. A reinvigorated band. 

Owen Riddle

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