Single Review – QOTSA – The Evil Has Landed

A lot has happened in the world since Queens Of The Stoneage released their last album ‘Like Clockwork’ around four years ago, but listening to new single ‘The Evil Has Landed’, the second from the band’s seventh studio album ‘Villains’ due August 25th, it’s almost too easy to believe hardly anything has changed at all. Falling back into the band’s trade mark creepy edged, sultry vocal, with underlying fuzzy percussion and epic, though familiarly paludal guitar lines, ‘The Evil Has Landed’ spirals within the band’s comfort zone. Becoming faster passed, reminiscent of racing montages everywhere, and ever so slightly clean-cut, perhaps from the input of Mark Ronson and Ranking’s production, as the single draws to its end. With a title like this one it would be understandably easy to assume the track had some connection to recent political events but, distancing his writing from the world we currently find ourselves in, ‘I fall beyond definitions now,’ Homme’s focus is purely on making yet another imposing single to add to QOTSA’s set list.  

Hayley Miller

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