Single Review – Wolf Alice – Beautifully Unconventional 

As every Wolf Alice fan knows, they are not a band to be labelled easily. And diversity is definitely on the cards with the North London four-piece’s soon to be released second album ‘Visions Of A Life’ due September 29th. Simply compare the bands previous singles; ‘Yuk Foo’, with its sharp teeth and punk-edged vengeance, and their second offering ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’, a swooningly delicate track bathed in glistening lightness with the Wolf Alice’s third single, and you’ll hear a band with a fearless appetite for expression. ‘Beautifully Unconventional’, the title itself seems to sum things up perfectly for the bands ever expanding sound, see’s Wolf Alice embracing their softer, cinematic side. Painting the picture of a partner in crime tale, Ellie Rowsell’s vocal plays with the description of female friendship, while layers of chunky guitars and delicate samples create an utterly captivating track; ‘I long to see (her arms above my soul), I long to be (with her forevermore)’.

Hayley Miller

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