The Sherlocks – Live For The Moment

Despite the immediacy of a title like ‘Live For The Moment’ The Sherlocks debut album feels more like a nostalgic step back to 2005 than an angst driven 2017 high-octane onslaught. Opener ‘Will You Be There?’ sets the tone resoundly from the start. These are tracks with simple lyrics revolving around, hang overs and late teen/early twenty-something relationships. Often sounding like a tiny Alex Turner sat in lead singer Kiaran Crook’s pocket during the bands writing process – unfortunately tiny Alex perhaps didn’t share his ability to wrap a comical metaphor into a neatly lyrical verse or two, but still an ability to wear a heart on a folded up shirt sleeve does break through.Musically tracks are crafted in a clean-cut style that works to drive things forwards. 

Remastering tracks that kick-started the band towards their debut, title track ‘Live For The Moment’, first released back in 2014, continues the Arctic Monkey’s mixed with The Libertines – a band that The Sherlocks have supported – vocal. Potentially why the temptation to sing ‘can’t stand me now’ over Kiaran Crook’s attempt at swagger is at times too much to bear. 

Though these aren’t the only bands that have influenced the Bolton upon Dearne four piece. More recent singles ‘Chasing Shadows’ and ‘Blue’ bring a little The Vaccines into play, as the last rays of sunlight set on a summer festival field somewhere in a muddy English county. 

As much as The Sherlock’s, no doubt, would like to build their own unique sound ‘Live For The Moment’ see’s the band reminiscing heavily on past sounds. I’m sure the band would be fed up to their back teeth of this whole Arctic Monkeys referencing. I mean just because they come from almost the same place, and happen to be an indie band with a slight grumpy mod style and all. But even if this band was formed in Azerbaijan ‘Live For The Moment’ feels more like a love letter to bands that shaped the sound of British indie music, than it does anything remotely ground breaking in itself. That’s not to the say that the album won’t push The Sherlock’s towards bigger things. They do say, whoever they are, that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and whether or not that’s true ‘Live For The Moment’ isn’t the most offensive offering a band could create as a debut album. 

‘Was It Really Worth It’ brings delicate harmonies into the bands stirring guitar riffs, building into another gentle summer anthem. While ‘Turn The Clock’ see’s a mellow air descend, as things sway into the albums slow number, even including a little-added harmonica. While ‘Last Night’ and ‘Hear Of Gold’ quickly kick things back into the bouncing 2005 swing of things, hangover in tow. And with an outtakes style beginnings ‘Motions’ and ‘Candlelight’ even attempt to bring in a little rough around the edges charm to ‘Live For The Moment’s clean production, though that does soon fade into the band’s crisp sound as violins gradually bring the album to its close. 

Signed to Infectious Music (giving them label mates Alt-J and Bloc Party) you might have hoped for something a little more experimental amongst these soft edged indie summer anthems. And yes many tracks might just go ‘in one ear and out the other’, as track ‘Nobody Knows’ states, just because these may not be the most original of tracks out there doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of fun to be had in a classic indie-rock sound. Besides, why worry about always having to create something earth shatteringly new when you can have fun playing in a band, and living for the moment. 

The Sherlocks – Live For The Moment = 6.5/10

Hayley Miller

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