Single Review – The Killers – Wonderful Wonderful 

2017 has seen the return of The Killers as an in form band, their two singles ‘The Man’ and ‘Run For Cover’ both indulgent Funk and Indie Pop, but with charged and reflective lyrics. Beyond anything, they just sound driven and focused for their September 22nd release; much more than they did for their fourth album Battleborn in 2012. Their latest single is the album’s title track ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ which again forms a standalone sound from their other singles. It opens with whirring sirens before a crisp, undulating bass line and collapsing bass drum beat accompany Brandon Flowers quivering vocals. This tense sound opens up with thin, washed out guitars and Flower’s assertive, quaking vocal in the chorus. The song goes on to break out into theatrical bursts with crashing instrumentation and bellowing vocals as the lyrics appeal to “the motherless child”. Every aspect of this song exudes drama and cinematic quality bursting from tense and dark arrangements that form the foundation of the track. Their experience is on show too as they control the arrangement with poise and precision. Though it will never be the most popular Killers track, this is quite possibly them at their most intriguing and talented; unexpectedly.

Owen Riddle

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