Single Review – Foo Fighters – The Sky Is A Neighbourhood

The Foo Fighters will release their ninth studio album Concrete & Gold on September 15th. ‘Run’ was the first single from the album and saw the band letting go of all restraint to produce the musical equivalent of a Michael Bay film. It was still a great track, just one that we all know they could produce in their sleep. Their latest single has a different sound to it, an essence of composed and considered music that is given away with the Beatle-esque harmonies that open and signpost the track. The song is restrained, whilst still packing a punch within it’s steady confines with grinding riffs driving the chorus and strung out pieces in the verses. It is within this space that you get a greater feel for Dave Grohl’s songwriting. In this case ‘The Sky Is A Neighbourhood’ ponders all the life out there in space and how “we have to get our shit together” on earth “to survive this universe full of life”. I hope for more of these ponderous tracks for the upcoming effort of this giant of a band. 

Owen Riddle

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