Single Review – Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile – Over Everything

Some people seem made for each other and as far as creating lovable indie-grunge goes Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile seem to be utterly imperfectly-perfect. The first single from the newly founded duo ‘Over Everything’ has to be the most endearing dead-pan, story-telling, rough around the edges single out for a while. Wonderfully steady and in that unmistakable Barnett stream of conscious style, the track and it’s accompanying black-and-white video- showing Barnett and Kurt lip-syncing each other’s lines in different locations, as they sit on their amps strumming their Fender guitars amongst trees and next to abandoned highways – seems to be the perfect interpretation of the duos partnership. A calming distraction from the stresses of your day but with an enchanting air of mischief; ‘You could almost forget ’bout all the other things, like a big old ominous cloud in my periphery.’ The pairs forthcoming LP ‘Lotta Sea Lice’ set for release October 13th via Matador promises to be heartwarmingly captivating.  

Hayley Miller

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