Sunday Suggestion – Parekh and Singh – Ghost

For out latest suggestion on a Sunday (yup, that’s right), we travel to Kolkata and situated there is India’s finest Dream Pop duo Parekh and Singh. Last year they released their debut album Ocean and it was met with a mix of praise and ignorance as many assumed this music originated from California or at a push Oregon… This Bengali duo have shown themselves to be immaculate in their delivery and well versed in a variety of genres and it shows in their music. They are capable songwriters too; delving deep to play on emotive subjects or writing daydreaming lyrics. 

‘Ghost’ is the perfect encapsulation these qualities with the soft jazz style percussion, the lightly spaced and delicately strung riffs and nudging piano chords. Cutting though this are fine lead guitar parts, but more noticeably Nischay Parekh’s breathy and soft vocals that smooth a path to the forefront of the song. Despite the gradual nature of the song, his vocal repitoire is demonstrated fully from the tuneful calm notes to the thin falsettos. The lyrics speak of loss and the comfort that you can still draw from that loss; even though the person or thing has gone their love doesn’t go away. That beautiful message meets a beautiful arrangment in this case so all credit to Parekh and Signh who are a clearly a talented duo. 

Owen Riddle

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