Single Review – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Holy Mountain

On November 24th Noel Gallagher will release his third studio album with his ‘High Flying Birds’ with Who Built the Moon? The teaser trailer of two weeks ago suggests that we’re finally getting the Noel Gallagher album everyone wanted and expected after his Oasis exit. That repuatation he garnered as the frustrated tunesmith and songwriter; the driving force of one of Britain’s greatest bands is yet to be matched with his subsequent ‘solo’ ventures. His self titled debut was a strong start, but was not daring enough to leave the dusty rock environment he created for the album albeit for fleeting moments. Chasing Yesterday was a step back to a comfort zone that whilst being a decent record, it felt like a throwaway effort that even Noel wasn’t too fussed about. Whilst we were teased Neo-psychedelia and Electronica today we are given Glam Rock?

With booming saxophones, plunging rhythm sections and stomping percussion, ‘Holy Mountain’ has all the energy and infectiousness of a Rock Pop track that has a sing-a-long quality via its bombastic sound and simple lyrics. It is certain that no track by Noel has ever been so catchy nor featured basic Pop elements and it works well in that sense; undoubtedly becoming a gig favourite. It is not the great innovation or shift hinted at a few weeks ago however, which leaves us at a crossroads prior to the release of his next single. As great as a fun-loving Noel Gallagher is, the intruiging version advertised would prove a more attractive proposition for his third studio album.

Owen Riddle

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