Single Review – Weezer – Weekend Woman

Latest single from Weezer’s forthcoming album ‘Pacific Daydream’ due Oct 27th via Crush Music, Atlantic Records, which will be the band’s third LP in four years, ‘Weekend Woman’ is pure escapism. A mix of the sixties meets nineties infused sugarcoated rock. Rivers Cuomo’s distinctive vocal shines starting things off in a classic retro feel before wrapping you up in that uplifting, forever summer vibe that Weezer do so well. As previous releases ‘Beach Boy’s ‘Feels Like Summer and ‘Mexican Fender’ things aren’t entirely average within ‘Weekend Woman’ either, of course there is an obligatory radio-friendly chorus but also some interesting metaphors thrown into lyrics and a continuation of their recent ode to the Beach Boy’s in the tracks spaced out bridge. ‘You don’t have to die to go to heaven’ It seems as the world is getting a little too gloomy there’s always Weezer.  
Hayley Miller

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