Single Review – Marsicans – Throw Ourselves In

Even with all the cheery, anthemic indie outfits out there making it big, Marsicans still seem to do it better. This rings true all the more in their latest single Throw Ourselves In. Opening with catchy lyrics and colourful bass, it’s immediately electrifying. This energy translates throughout the whole track, erupting in the ecstatic chorus, filled to the brim with idyllic harmonies and a fizzing backing track. Simultaneously, the song roars but feels calm; is full of vitality and sun but is no-nonsense and laid back. It’s Marscians doing what they do best – crowd-pleasing, gig-ready anthems with clever instrumentalism and a jaunty aura that feels concurrently like a ticket to a rock concert and a nice warm hug.
Ellie Chivers

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