Single Review – Vance Joy – Like Gold

When someone mentions the name Vance Joy, it’s likely the first thing that’ll pop into your mind is Riptide. One of 2014’s most recognisable tunes, it was an upbeat track full of euphoria and sunshiny vibes. Three years later, and we have Like Gold – a track pretty much on the complete other end of the spectrum. In this folky ballad, Joy deliberates the difficulties of having to let go of someone after a relationship. Opening with some solemn acoustic and deep vocals, the track soon blooms into a dark and disconsolate song centred around basic percussion, with touches of sweet harmonies to add some life. It’s a good, raw song, but, well, just a bit boring. It’s unchanging throughout, with nothing to push it past mediocre. Whilst it glows with emotion and has beautiful lyrics and vocals, it’s nothing special.
Ellie Chivers

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