Single Review – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Its A Beautiful World

Noel has been doing a lot of talking since the release of his last single and lots of people have been talking about him, but he’s been releasing music y’know? The latest single from his November 24th release Who Built The Moon is ‘Its A Beautiful World’ and it continues the reimagined sound he’s so far pursued with this record. The whirring and ringing guitars that open the track echo and reverberate outwards as do Noel’s vocals. The bass line and percussion offer a intricate rhythm and generally this track is a good example of the subtleties of production and arrangement Noel has decided to consider. It is a shimmering yet smooth track that combines elements of electronica and dream pop. This track does sometimes trips over its own transitions though, but it is refreshing to see an act as established as Noel experiment a little.

Owen Riddle

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