Single Review – Peace – Power

The epitome of vanilla Indie Rock are back with their follow up on 2015’s Happy People. Their second album was not as well received as their debut and you got the sense that a burgeoning ‘Indie 3.0’ had died an uneventful death in the space of two years. Now will they adapt or defiantly plod along with jangling riffs and slurred vowels? With their new single ‘Power’, you get the sense it is the latter. With the same rhythm sections of three and five years ago along with the same lost lyrics, they attempt to strike a expectant and triumphant feel in some attempt to believe their own hype. One notable improvement since their debut has been that their songs have been produced and presented a lot better, but you can only polish a piece of rust so much… we await a bright idea from Peace.

Owen Riddle

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