Sunday Suggestion – Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

This classic track from Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 album Surrealistic Pillow is one of the first to feature Grace Slick who also wrote the track. It’s minimalistic, cool and teetering on the edge all at the same time with the tense, cascading bass line, rhythm section and brushed percussion. They all gradually take a step up as Grace’s vocals threaten to push the song to it’s peak before actually getting there, with all theatrical and dramatic flair. It is no surprise then, that this song became so synonymous with the Vietnam war and the awful experiences happing daily for soldiers and civilians on both sides. For many on the American side it provided an escape, but for those back in the West, it accompanied the fight to stop the brutal conflict with it’s drug fuelled grandeur.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995 @musicotherthing

Sunday Suggestion – Silver Apples – Oscillations

Silver Apples formed in New York in 1967 and consisted of Simeon and Danny Taylor who were two surviving members of a previous group that was did share Simeon’s love for audio oscillators. I know this phrase is strewn all over the internet but these truly are innovators and were literally ahead of their time by a long way. It was perhaps not until the 90s that people were able to replicate their sound. A sound that utilised it’s minimalism in using it to highlight the rotating rhythms and electronic sounds being created. Oscillations is perhaps their most well known song but even it is mostly unknown. It opens with a fantastic whirring sound that leads on to the rotating and pulsating rhythms and beats. The percussion is rapid and the whirring nature of the song continues throughout. The vocals are slightly off track and sort of add to the mad and unusual nature of the song. It builds up  into a wondrous clash of rhythm and laser like sounds before abruptly cutting off. It would seem to have been cut off for around three decades. A wonderful glimpse into the future. Almost too advanced for the fast moving pace of the 60s.

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