Single Review – The Japanese House – 3/3

Amber Bain aka Japanese House release’s reflective third track ‘3/3’ from forthcoming EP ‘Saw You In A Dream’, set for release June 27th via Dirty Hit/Interscope. Following ‘Somebody You Found’ and title track ‘Saw You In A Dream’, with its simple but beautifully captivating video, ‘3/3’ paints the picture of losing yourself to the numbness of autopilot behaviour, despite being steeped in a disheartened air of indifference, ‘3/3’ is a gently soothing tale of fragility within an unsure relationship. Guitar chords are laced with sporadic synth to create a hazy, fluctuating wave of emotion within a tranquil atmosphere that sends you drifting into Bain’s subtle world of lucid dreaming sure to entrance her; Latitude, Lollapalooza and Reading and Leeds audiences. 
Hayley Miller