Single Review – Rae Morris – Push Me To My Limit

Following the punchy mechanics of Reborn and Atletico¸ and the pop-y energy Do It, we explore another avenue in the repertoire of Rae Morris. Push Me To My Limit takes us back to the ghostly ambience of select tracks on 2017’s Unguarded, but on an extreme level. The gorgeous, feathery tones of Morris’ vocal floats over calm waves of synth to form a simplistic but magical gem I worry will get lost amongst the louder pop ventures that make up the track list of the soon-to-be-released Someone Out There. It builds slowly but surely towards the end, with a quick bass synth line to softly erupt at the conclusion. It’s bare and vulnerable and an accolade to the sheer talent of an artist who should’ve got way more recognition when her debut was released.

Eleanor Chivers