Single Review – The Dead Weather – Cop & Go

After a 5 year hiatus, Tennessee rock supergroup The Dead Weather are releasing their third studio album titled ‘Dodge And Burn’. It’s set for release on September 25th, but until then listeners have been given two taster tracks, one of which is ‘Cop and Go’.

The track overflows with aggressive guitar and a persistent baseline, a nice snippet of what we should expect from the album upon its release. The song was initially previewed exclusively on Tidal, the streaming service co owned by the bands big time guitarist Jack White, and it’s now available on Spotify as well. White has also promised a string of instrument and discussion videos, which have already started with him explaining the drum specifics the band used on their debut single ‘Hang You From The Heavens’.
You can find more information on the bands website:
Hannah Crowe

Sunday Suggestion – The Kills – Sour Cherry

The Kills are Alison Mosshart from Florida and Jamie Hince from Buckinghamshire and the duo released their debut album eleven years ago with Keep On Your Mean Side. Back in 2008 they released their third and most acclaimed album with Midnight Boom. It’s a album with a lot of heavy, fuzzy and scathing guitars that the song is formed around but these riffs are fluid and traversing. Not blocky and monotonous like may of todays pliers of such a trade. A fine example of this is the single ‘Sour Cherry’. Everything about this track has a constant buzz and tremble to it and this reflects on the fabric of the song. The distorted percussion is broken by fuzz enthused strikes of the guitar while Alison’s vocal; effortless in it’s delivery and close in it’s recording, rolls each line off with ease as she’s backed up by Hince’s equally laid back boasts. If the bold beat doesn’t hit you the brief blasts of the guitar will. The instrumental see’s Hince wrestle a sonically charged roar from his guitar before settling back into the thumping percussion section as it ends all too abruptly. An unconventional yet simple song in it’s drive and rhythm but a highly creative one at that. They make Royal Blood, Drenge or Darlia look like amateurs and all long before these groups set about their drab, droning sound. About six years in fact.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995