Single Review – Black Honey – All My Pride

Following on from their stand-out singles of last year ‘Madonna’ and ‘Corinne’, Black Honey’s newest offering shows that despite not yet having an album to their name, this band are a force to be reckoned with.It would have been easy for Black Honey to continue riding the success of their previous releases, having established themselves as ones to watch, but this new single proves there’s more to them than that. The riot grrl influences are still there, mingled in with but by no means lost to the blistering heat and stinging punch this single packs. It’s becoming clearer with every release that Black Honey aren’t afraid to dip their toes into various musical ponds, while still being able to create something that is so clearly and distinctly them. Lasting less than three minutes and filled to the brim with raucous, grungy melodies, ‘All My Pride’ is a song that demands your attention from the get-go and doesn’t release you from its grip until it’s done with you, spitting you out into the gutter and leaving you disgruntled and confused but begging for more.

Katie Hayes