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Single Review – The Voidz – All Wordz Are Made Up

Following on from 2015’s Tyranny, Julian Casablancas & The Voidz have now simply became The Voidz with Julian filling ingratiating himself into the project for their second album Virtue due on March 30th. What has seemingly been an outlet for his experimentation, their first album was a raging piece of Industrial Rock and Dark Electronica with elements of everything from Heavy Metal to Hip Hop. It was an explosion of ideas that worked for the most part; made sense by eventually finding itself a hook or rhythmic section. With their latest work, even this seems to be too mundane for them.

After the bizarre and slightly terrifying ‘QYURRYUS’ and more introverted songs, we now have their latest in ‘All Wordz Are Made Up’. Still warped in their analogue presentation, this track booms out a whirring, distorted beat with light percussion, Julian’s best Pop impression and off key vocoder parts. Whilst this is the most consumable of the two main singles, you start to get the impression that they’re just throwing all discipline out the window altogether. Groups like The Knife soared way beyond modern musical conceptions, but did so with immense creativity forming a tension and an emotive narrative whilst forging these new sounds. Perhaps Julian and The Voidz are trying that but too hard or aren’t trying at all? It’s hard to work out which right now for as much as I’d like this project to succeed.

Owen Riddle