Sunday Suggestion – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Alone On The Rope

Yes I am an very big fan of Noel Gallagher but lets make a few things clear. It does not mean I hate Blur. In fact I love Blur too. It does not mean I read the NME religiously. It doesn’t mean that I hail him as a godlike figure either. He’s just a guy from Burnage who came out of the 90’s a hell of a lot more respected and richer than he did when he entered. He has never been at the cutting edge of musical development and lyrically, his main strength is his relatable topic content rather than his imagination. However, he’s skilful when it comes to creating a song with instant hooks and easy melodies or taking styles of music and reinterpreting them by packing them full of sound until it can’t hold anymore for a feast for the ears or by picking up an acoustic guitar and just being sincere. HFB’s was a solid album and one that was proof that he could do just fine without the rest of Oasis. The sounds produced were a little more clear and produced more delicately rather than slapping on reverb (which I still love too). But a B-Side to one of the singles was the highlight for me and that was ‘Alone On The Rope’. He uses subtle echo and arranges the song to solemnly fill the space with his more considered and longing type of vocal. There are still plenty of elements there but each have a simple yet intricate part to play before being cast off into the space of the song. This really enhances the emotive lyrics and gives you a real sense of abandonment and loneliness amongst other things it can conjure up. I think it could have really worked to give a sense of greater depth to his debut solo album in a different dimension to song like ‘If I Had A Gun’ which was more obvious and straight up. Really a demonstration of Noel Gallagher at his best.

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