Single Review – Daisy Victoria – Animal Lover

Pay attention now! We have a seriously hot prospect on hour hands here with Daisy Victoria. With praise coming from BBC 6 Music and a part in the BBC introducing performances, we’ll be hearing a lot more from Daisy in the future. Imagine the bracing vocals of Kate Bush, the musical mind of PJ Harvey and the live skill of Anna Calvi and you have Daisy. She balances the eccentric and mysterious with the joyful and the direct. Her new EP Animal Lover is out on August 19th and the title track displays her talent wonderfully. Between the squiriming and distorted guitars sweep her majestic and soaring vocals which display power and finesse in equal measure. You can hardly call the lyrical content well worn either. She is a hidden gem for those looking for a new artist to listen to, but I doubt she’ll be hidden for long. 

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Owen Riddle

Single Review – The Invisible feat. Anna Calvi – Patience

The London Experimental Pop trio have released another single collaboration following on from their previous effort with Jessie Ware. Their new album Patience is out tomorrow and this week they’ve teamed up with the talented Anna Calvi for ‘Love Me Again’. The track features rolling beats and easy, shifting riffs with resonant electronica covering the space in between. Dave Okumu’s breathy and smooth vocal are played off against Calvi’s fading falsetto and the whole arrangement and combination of tones make for a well rounded and slick piece of music. A great effort leading to what seems to be an album of equal quality.

Owen Riddle

It’s a cover up! Connan Mockasin/Anna Calvi & David Byrne – I’m The Man, That Will Find You

Last Year Connan Mockasin released the brilliantly enigmatic Caramel from which ‘I’m The Man, That Will Find You’ was one of the lead singles. It has a relaxed 70′s groove through distorted psychedelic shades. The vocals are presented in a similar style and it has fluid progression of a groove filled track but the space and washed out effect of a psychedelic track. A great fusion of the late 60′s and early 70′s. It’s a very surreal track while also sounding quite familiar at the same time and he’s maintained that level of peculiar yet easy quality his music has and so much so, it was almost a creepy and unsettling track in part.


This Week Anna Calvi and David Byrne released their cover of the track from their Strange Weather EP and Calvi makes it her own with ease and that is despite the innate peculiarity and individualistic nature of the track. She enforces her fluid and smooth baritone vocal upon the tracks lyrics to open up a more raw intimacy than Mockasin’s uneasy closeness. This vocal is occasionally backed up by Byrne’s to just add to the smooth and in depth take of the track. She wrestles her guitar’s riff upon the track too as they ring out and bounce around the song’s space. A very worthy version of the original which not only respects the song’s intentions, but focuses upon them.












This Weeks Music Video with Wild Smiles, MOVIE, Anna Calvi & David Byrne and Tori Amos

Wild Smiles – Fool For You


Anna Calvi & David Byrne – Strange Weather

Tori Amos – Trouble’s Lament

Sunday Suggestion – Anna Calvi – Suzanne and I

Anna Calvi is an artist I’m very fond of. Her underwhelmed and reserved nature is something she totally sets aside when she’s making music. When she does she is bold, alluring and her softly spoken voice becomes a deep and powerful force. On top of all this she isn’t too bad with a guitar and with a composition of a song, applying classic methods and elements to what are conventional themes. This naturally gives her an excellent grasp of production techniques and manipulation too. Though her second album was a very worthy follow up to her first; I lean slightly towards her self titled debut from 2011. In particular, I lean towards the track ‘ Suzanne & I’ for it best showcases her skill. First off, she maximises standard instrumentals and pushes them to their full effect. Whether this is with the heavy and echoed percussion or the confident strikes of her guitar for a long and filling reverb, or even utilising her powerful vocal. She later counteracts this with natural spaced out moments, using the wailing backing vocals to pull away from the drama of the song and then manipulating them to drag back into it. Amongst all this, she also churns out a great melodic riff in the chorus and puts much of her vocal range on show. A great and dramatic track. An advert for musical aptitude and ability.

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This Weeks Music Video – Anna Calvi, Rose Elinor Dougall, Blood Orange and Phoenix

This Weeks Music Video. From Anna Calvi with Suddenly, Rose Elinor Dougall with Future Vanishes, Blood Orange with Time Will Tell and Phoenix with Chloroform.

This Weeks Music Video

This Weeks Music Video. Music Videos from Savages with Marshall Dear, Anna Calvi with Suddenly and Metric with Synthetica

Anna Calvi – One Breath review

Anna Calvi returns with her follow up to her 2011 debut with One Breath. She made quite a positive impact with her debut which put a classical understanding and methodology into guitar music and her baritone vocals. On top of this the passionate and suggestive lyrics which were reflected in her live performances are also a feature as its done in such a tasteful and stylish way. It also has a dark atmosphere to it as well which gives it another dimension. Her physical style also has many fashionista’s talking about and enjoying her music as well as that of her style of music. The question is also that of whether she can develop on her distinct sound.

‘Eliza’ features a heavy and steady bass line with the rhythm guitar dancing around it while she uses her vocal with little effort to still create the powerful and dramatic feel to the song. Compared to the last album, the song seems a little less dark due to a touch more rhythm and lyrics that are more in admiration of someone rather than longing for someone or something. However they still maintain those dark atmospheric qualities because of her open ended and powerful vocal but those subtle differences from her debut make it a solid song. ‘Sing To Me’ is highly considered and a slow alluring song that takes on such a gradual build up of sound that has a simple bass line as its foundation and a muted riff soon joins in but its purely focused on Anna’s vocal performance which she naturally delivers with such a breath-taking and whirring fashion. There is a more rapid step up with the introduction of percussion and strings in a more grand way which matches her vocals perfectly as she increases her power too. It still has the general qualities of what are known to be hers but the instrumentals featured in such a different fashion. Its another song in which she utilises the classical influence well.

‘Suddenly’ has the audible plucking of the guitars in simplistic riffs and ones that allow for the a greater and more complex chord progression to stem from it. As well as this the bass joins in to ramp up the soundscape and the rise and fall of the soundscapes create a real immediate and striking song. Her vocals on the chorus are spaced out while the drums are echoed so its not block like but slightly washed out which gives the song a fluctuating depth to it. The title track is different instrumentally due to the fading synths that are paired with the simple bass lines and allows her vocal to rise above it with ease. Others such as ‘Tristan’ are pure soundscape and atmospheric indulgences that see her go from unconventional to more conventional strong structures and the album as a whole is perhaps a lot different in less obvious places. Only subtle instrumental alterations and some in terms of structure and techniques. On top of that her playing and her vocal has been refined as well so the album is generally an improvement on her debut. A beyond solid effort.

Anna Calvi – One Breath = 8.5/10

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Single Review – Anna Calvi – Eliza

Anna Calvi has already cemented a respected reputation for herself after only releasing one album in 2011. This is due to the triumph of a debut album that showcased her powerful and open ended vocal and the dark yet engaging music to accompany it along with raw and free flowing lyrics. In addition to this she’s unmissable live. With captivating and even seductive performances and she seems to have much of Paris and the fashion world hanging off everything she does. ‘Eliza’ features a heavy and steady bass line with the rhythm guitar dancing around it while she uses her vocal with little effort to still create the powerful and dramatic feel to the song. Compared to the last album, the song seems a little less dark due to a touch more rhythm and lyrics that are more in admiration of someone rather than longing for someone or something. I think the subtle changes in each area will keep the critics and those who adore her sound equally happy and for a second album ‘One Breath’ looks to be great and is out in October. But ‘Eliza’ is out now.

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