Single Review – Rose Elinor Dougall – Poison Ivy

Rose Elinor Dougall

First of all I’d like to apologise for misleading people about two months ago when Rose released ‘Strange Warnings’ and I reviewed it under the Album Taster title. It isn’t that. Its an EP called Future Vanishes and its out on November 18th. It is the first collection of her work since 2012’s Distractions EP but Future Vanishes is more of a follow up from the excellent Without Why from 2010. Another track from this is ‘Poison Ivy’ which has been produced by Oli Bayston; who she worked with for ‘Strange Warnings’ and whose Boxed In track I let you know about last week. So that ties all of that up together nicely doesn’t it? As well as that, Anthony Rossomando (Who must be a candidate for slickest surname ever) contributed to the musical arrangement. All credit to them two as well as Rose of course for the breezy and wistful flow of the song and the melodic riffs that peer through it. Built on that are her fluid and easy vocals that dance around amongst it all in her typical and continuing fashion. Sort of hidden behind all this is the sustained and complex percussion that maintains the steady rhythmic beat throughout the song and gives it a greater sense of depth and texture. In terms of the lyrics; she told The Quietus that its about jealousy, possession, power, battling ones weaknesses and trying to save love from ugliness. These themes are projected out by the soothing vocals that are tinged with darker undercurrents with ease. Its another great track that is on a more yearning and cascading level than the indelible groove and urgency of ‘Strange Warnings’

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