Single Review – LiSA – Ash

13th single from one of Japan’s most enchanting vocalists LiSA and (for any anime fans) main theme to the new season of Fate/Apocrypha, a series with which she has a long history including the opening theme to Fate/Zero, ‘ASH’ combines LiSA’s wonderfully delicate vocals with her powerful emotional punch. With lyrics written by SID vocalist Mao and composed by SID bassist Aki, ‘ASH’ is one of those tracks that builds in a mesmerizing, blood pressure rising way. While LiSA’s vocal is of course centre stage here, layers of strings, and some gorgeously hefty rock riffs make the track not only a perfect anime theme but, as it inspires images of epic scenes in equal measure to raw emotional turmoil, a must own single.


Hayley Miller

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