Single Review – Aine Cahill feat. Courage – Blood Diamonds

Aine Cahill’s new single ‘Blood Diamonds’ feat producer Courage is the kind of smokey aired smirking track that seems laced with Lorde and Lana Del Ray style curled lip. A tale of selfishness in a capitalist world ‘Blood Diamond’ takes ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ to its inevitable realist conclusion. Simmering with 1940’s cigarette smoke blown in your face charm, lines like; ‘I don’t really care if no one understands, got my possessions, don’t need anybody else’ and ‘Don’t wear fake fur, only the real thing, I pair them with my pearls and all my blood diamond rings,’ will leave you with no doubt on the evil villain level of character at play here. ‘Blood Diamonds’ is surely one of Cahill’s best tracks to date.

Hayley Miller

Single Review + FREE DOWNLOAD – Grimes – Go

Grimes returns with her first new material since 2012’s Visions and her new track ‘Go’ is the first material to be released off her upcoming fourth album set for release later this year. She said that ‘Go’ who she worked with producer Blood Diamonds on, is “our summer jam” and that she wanted to release the single now as “I am very bored of waiting to finish my new album before releasing new music.” The Canadian’s new track opens with cascading and chiming synths before having a piano layered upon it with a drum sample beat following on from it. Her soft and optimistic sounding vocal flows along with the spaced out background sounds but the songs feel takes a turn when the grinding, heavy beats and dub-like samples solely make up the chorus. This feeds back into the more silky smooth verses that end with the intention of charging up the song for the chorus with the more rapid drum beats. The chorus again slides away back into the soft, cascades of the verse instrumentals as her soft echoes close the song. The transitions work brilliantly and though the chorus doesn’t have much to, it does have the urgency and basic raw hook for a modern ‘summer jam’. This song does get better when you understand it and though you may cry foul and shout chart music, you have to consider how much well thought out and varied this track is compared to those you find in the charts and at least she’s putting herself out there and trying to be dynamic. It’s certainly got people talking about her new album though so I guess it’s done it’s job.