EP Review – Bleached – For The Feel

The Californian Clavin sisters a.k.a Bleached are following on form their debut LP Ride Your Heart last year; they are back in time to spread some more lo-fi swooning and dreaming for those late, fading summer nights with it’s September 16th release. The title track was unveiled towards the end of June uses a driving jingle of guitars which are met with urgent and short percussion that tumbles to your feet before and during each chorus. Jen Clavin’s vocal sweeps over the track in a dreamy and classic pop rock fashion as it did so well for the duo’s debut last year. Besides that though it isn’t very much different as it was written for  The drums perhaps sound a little more upfront which sharpens the beat somewhat, but aside from that and a little more directness it’s very much Bleached circa 2012/13. ‘Poison Ivy’ is a steady, tumbling track with a classic rock bass line which the guitars shift and reverberate from. It sets up a simple structure that is mimicked by Jen’s vocal and lyrical delivery with a slight playfulness and cool nature. It’s more faithful to classic rock garage styles than most things they’ve done and it’s presented as a complete replica. The EP also includes a cover of the Damned’s ‘Born To Kill’ and so concludes an EP that hasn’t moved on so far from last year but one that has no intentions of doing so in the first place. It’s very much tying up loose ends for their fans and they still sound good so why not?