Single Review – Swimming Girls – Back of your Car

The Bristol three-piece Swimming Girls bring triumphant indie-pop to their third single Back of Your Car. The ignorantly blissful, fantastical anthem is driven by loud choruses and Nina Nesbitt-esque gritty vocals, drawing you in with a whirlpool of synths and keeping you with an infectious sound and beautifully penned lyrics. Single number three – alongside the roaring 2 Kids and the enormously enjoyable Tastes Like Money – sums up why Swimming Girls are a band to look out for in 2018, brining together the best elements of several genres to create an individual identity that is wildly exciting.

Eleanor Chivers

Single Review – Coasts – Wash Away

‘Wash Away’ is the second single released from Bristol band Coasts following their first single, ‘A Rush Of Blood’ released from their A Rush Of Blood EP.  Beginning with haunting vocals echoing over stabbing guitar repetition layers soon begin to build as the other instruments claw their way onto the track. A resounding drum beat is met with a ceaseless bass hook that unrelentingly pushes the momentum forward. The tension continues to build as more fractured and articulated vocals are layered on top of the droning originals. Showers of soft melodies sprinkle over the pounding beat until finally it is left with nowhere to go and culminates into an explosive chorus.

The chorus is full of the energy built up in the first half of the track as all the instruments come into their own. The bass guitar pushes the chorus on as mesmerising harmonies come to the forefront. ‘Wash away’ is repeated by the vocals as they are lost and pulled through by the current of noise. This track is full of emotion and delivered beautifully. Simple but powerful lyrics combined with an erupting chorus create an experience that many others fail to achieve. Look out for this band on their UK tour starting this month.

Written by Dominic Naughton

FREE DOWNLOAD – Dear Leaders – Find Me


Dear Leaders are a stylish Electronic- Indie group based in North London via Bristol. Their latest track ‘Find Me’ is available as a free download and an accompanying video, directed by Siobhan Schwartzberg which eludes to surveillance and the subconscious. The track is a serene marriage of meandering riffs and sweeping, whirring synths. This gives the track a rising and spacious feel that is guided by the clean cut riff as it slides through the electronica. Shining subtly above the instrumentals are the soft edged vocals of lead vocalist and guitarist Jess, which gives the song a sense of familiarity and a neat refrain. A track that extracts everything from it’s minimalistic structure with a sense of elegance and coolness.

Single Review – Candy Darling – Money

Candy Darling are a new Bristol three piece, inspired by The Jesus and Mary Chain, Suicide and Fever Ray. They have arrived with their debut single entitled ‘Money’ which is due for a September 1st release. It’s a bold and searing track from the off with it’s deep rooted, churning synths that are offset by a sharp riff and a snappy, echoed percussion. Each element interlocks and accelerates the song onwards with unrelenting intensity and purpose. A purpose only enhanced by the audacious and striking vocals that make themselves heard over the stocky and heavy combination of sounds with ease. A confident, strutting track that holds nothing back.


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Free Download -TOWNS – Too Tired

TOWNS are a Bristolian band on Howling Owl Records and ply a trade on shoegaze tinged 60’s and 90’s melodies which could generate a real interesting and intriguing concept. Their debut album Get By should be a pretty sound test of this and it’s out on June 2nd. To give a taste of what to expect, they have released album track ‘Too Tired’ as a free download and it’s reflective of that shoegaze sound tied up with classic rock melodies and rhythms. The track opens with guitars soaked with distortion and modulation and this creates a unconventional yet flowing rhythm that maintains a constant sonic charge for the song as it it’s sound expands upon itself and is anchored down more by the percussion. The vocals can often become drowned out by this close up sound that should usually be expansive, however it is light and airy enough set itself apart from the music initially by the echo allows it to be absorbed by the prominent guitar sound along with its effects. The song certainly deals with the combination of sounds well through a subtle yet noticeable body of instrumentals and the track is a one of the best free downloads around and leaves potential for the album which should be worth a look. 

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Single Review – Florrie – Free Falling

Florrie returns with a follow up EP to her previous synthpop efforts entitled Sirens which is out on April 27th. The London based Bristolian’s most recent single from this EP is ‘Free Falling’. The song opens with electronic bursts from the synths with sharp and snappy drum samples intervening between each. She starts her vocal with a more solid raw sound that is echoed with the effect of feeding back into the dance like synth movements. She then goes on to a robotic and isolated vocal of the repeated ‘sing the verse, in reverse’ lyric. She also goes on to a more powerful, full harmonious sound with her vocal too. She has taken a slight turn away from Synthpop and a nod towards more dance orientated elements instead. I’m not entirely sure she’s found her feet there yet but the track does have it’s hook filled moments but moments are all they are so far. You have to applaud her trying to progress her sound but whether this was in the right direction or not, I’m not so sure.

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Single Review – Davidge feat. Cate Le Bon – Gallant Foxes

Neil Davidge has quite the CV as a producer. He’s worked with a whole host of top line artists from David Bowie, Damon Albarn and even Snoop Dog! The Bristolian has only now decided to release his own material and for this single, he has Cate Le Bon on vocal duties. The song has a retro, mechanical churning from the synths that are layered atop the urgent and rapid drum samples. This is contrasted by the sweeping and wistful vocals from Cate Le Bon and these are flattered further by the accompanying pianos and lighter synth chords. The song fades into a broken and eerie piano mismatch until the whirring synths come and take the song back to it’s starting point. A very slick and tidy track that maximises the contrast between vocals and instrumentals with effective results. The more natural wistfulness against the synthetic sounds. Be sure to check out his new album Slo Light.