Single Review – Everything Everything – I Believe It Now 

The Manchester based group came up with sobering and stark album last year with Get To Heaven. It was filled with theatre and grand cinematics to leave a distinct unease and tension; a powerful album. Now they are said to b back in the studio already for album number four and from it is a new track ‘I Believe It Now’. You already be familiar with it from BT Sports Premier League coverage, but for those who aren’t, the song is a pacy and purposeful song that builds to a joyous chorus. Unsurprisingly, it is bold and half shoved down your throat with punchy beats and Jonathan Higg’s piercing falsetto. It is the group at their best and whilst not a deep, profound entity, it is a roaring and energetic track that still retains their eccentricity. Hopefully the album will follow suit.

Owen Riddle