Single Review – Stereophonics – Caught By The Wind

Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones promised “big, anthemic songs” for their 10th studio album Scream Above the Sounds, and new track Caught by the Wind, which is number one on the tracklist, is set to force the LP in that direction. The song begins with a bold opening statement, featuring wailing guitars that make a reappearance when elevating the chorus – a chorus which pulls catchy lyricism and eager cheers together for an all-round crowd pleaser. The energy of the track paired with Jones’ husky vocals marry brilliantly. There’s a flamboyance and a reassurance in this song, in that it incorporates great, loud, new sounds that don’t sound too dissimilar from what the Welsh quartet have bought out before. If those following Caught by the Wind carry on in the same vein, this album will be pretty big.

Eleanor Chivers