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Single Review – Chvrches – Miracle

The fourth and final peep into Chvrches forthcoming album comes in the form of Miracle; the Glaswegian trio’s most pop-centric offering to date. The new pop switch-up of sound for their third LP definitely pays off here, with quiet and atmospheric verses preceding mammoth choruses, filled with with epic bass and percussion. Lauren Mayberry’s soft vocal provides great contrast to the thrash of synth, yet matches perfectly to create a beautiful storm of a track. The band’s most radio-ready song might also be there most accomplished yet, and will no doubt bring in a wealth of new and well-deserved Chvrches fans.

Ellie Chivers

Single Review – Chvrches – Never Say Die

Love Is Dead is the title of Chvrches third studio album due for a May 25th release. The Glaswegian SynthPop group have got the in demand Greg Kurstin onboard as producer for this album and some of his influence is noticed on their new single ‘Never Say Die’. Though the gourd have always had the ability to feature a light and shade depth to their work, Greg had led them to the hushed, siren like openings of the song’s opening and enabled their bridge transitions to sound smoother and more gradual. Beyond that, he’s sharpened their sound further with heavier, louder beats leading to the chorus and grinding chords add to the sharper feel. It accentuates their hooks and allows Lauren Mayberry vocals to ride the tide of the music. It is a well worked piece of SynthPop, but it isn’t something that really takes Chvrches out of their comfort zone; more or less adding a charged cinematic element to their work. You do wonder where else they can take this particular sound as easy on the ears it is.

Owen Riddle

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Single Review – Chvrches -Warning Call

It seems that whenever you need a soundtrack these days, you need to call for the cinematic sound of Chvrches. The free-running game Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst has done just that and the Glaswegian trio duly delivered with ‘Warning Call’. In its sound it is a little removed from their second album Every Open Eye from last year. It features a steady drum machine beat, shimmering synths and plunging drops towards the chorus. Lauren Mayberry’s vocals synchronise with the electronic chords effortlessly and they extend her melodies in a soaring fashion. A simple ode to the sound that has established Chvrches on the musical map before they move on to new challenges.

Owen Riddle

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 Best British Act of 2015

Here is the list of ten nominees for best British Act.


3. Chvrches (16%)

The Glaswegian synthpop trio returned from the success of their debut album with a leaner and developed sound in 2015 with Every Open Eye. Their sound was more prominent, powerful and slick, yet the emotive lyrical content remained and this made for some of the best Pop tracks of the year. In 2015 Chvrches demonstrated that they have serious staying power.


2. FOALS (20%)

FOALS took on Hard Rock and pure Alternative music with their fourth studio album What Went Down which came out late in August. They widened their appeal and did with Hard Rock what many have failed to do in recent times; make it into a dynamic and significant music. They also provided us with vast soundscapes and some familiar reminders that they’ve still got it in them.


  1. Everything  Everything (28%)

Manchester based Everything Everything gave us their best album yet with Get To Heaven back in June. On all fronts the album was bold, uncompromising and aggressive; this was particularly true with their dark lyrical content about the rise of ISIL, their bemusement at British politics and repeated mass shootings. Their view of a World failing itself was encased with varied music on a dramatic and cinematic scale, making the message all the more powerful. The bookmakers making them a shoe-in for a Mercury Prize victory soon after the album’s release demonstrated the wide acclaim and recognition of their third album. Their failure to get a nomination for the Mercury Prize was a glaring and embarrassing omission.

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Chvrches – Every Open Eye Review

Glasgow’s premier synth-pop outfit Chvrches have released Every Open Eye today as the follow up to their 2013 debut The Bones of What You Believe and have spoken about taking “a less is more approach” to their sound for what is the infamous second album. Refining their sound is probably a wise choice as opposed to forcing it upon people again or gambling on unknowns. This album is all about the honing and refinement of their initial sound so with that in mind we can be assured of another solid effort with some subtle improvements with a greater emphasis on the emotive element of their sound. With this in mind, it might not be a musical innovation, but it should remain at least as dynamic and infectious as their debut.

The lead single from the album ‘Leave a Trace’ is indicative of this sees the group sounding leaner, cleaner, more tuneful and direct. The instrumentation performs the same function it did on their earlier material, but are noticeably sharper and more melodic. The same can be said for vocalist Lauren Mayberry who now projects her vocal just as confidently ahead of the instrumentation as opposed to sitting amongst it previously. This emphasises the direct musical route taken here and heightens the focus on the candid and passionate content of the lyrics.  ‘Never Ending Circles’ showcases their pop sensibility and melodic capabilities driven by Lauren Mayberry’s soft, yet driven vocals and vocal instrumentation. This is further pushed by airy trickling electronica in the chorus which is offset with grinding and distorted synths to bridge to the verses. You can sense the development in their sound with their juxtaposition of those industrial sounds with the more pop orientated styles and how they have managed to smooth over the transition between the two is further testament to their growing ability. In ‘Clearest Blue’ they demonstrate the gentle shift in their style in a more prominent fashion with this Dance track. As has been the case with their singles so far this year, they have made their sound leaner, cleaner and more direct, but additionally with this track, they have channelled their more industrial electronic sound into at a rapid pace and it resembles a Dance inspired track with those heavier beats. These are met with the wistful vocals of Lauren Mayberry which go a long way towards making the track more engaging as a piece of energetic pop as opposed to a frigid piece of Dance or Light Techno.

‘Keep You On My Side’ delivers heavy driving beats along with chiming overtones in an effective combination of old  European dance tracks with modern synth pop and with Lauren Mayberry’s assured, yet potent delivery makes for a dramatic and powerful track. It is immaculately produced and balances the heavy with the light brilliantly and plays each tone off each other going on to add a richness to their sound. ‘High Enough To Carry Over’ is a more ballad-inspired track with the soft waves of chiming electronica and a more soulful delivery from Martin Doherty who also provides another marked vocal development. ‘Playing Dead’ is another theatrical piece of melodic synth-pop with powerful vocal deliveries as if from a futuristic musical. It is driven by a rumbling bass line and expanded with strokes of electronica. The other tracks are examples of the group’s sharper and more direct pop sound with varying structures and rhythms. The album ends on ‘Afterglow’ for a rare piece of slow and considered music from the group with whirring organs playing the leading role and largely letting Lauren’s vocals showcase themselves. Occasionally the organs rise in volume and peak opportune moments to maximise the impact of the harmonies on offer. This album is one that shows Chvrches are here to stay and in being smart they’ve produced a more mature and powerful body of music and it is developed in every sense which leaves much promise for their third album.

Chvrches – Every Open Eye = 8/10

Owen Riddle  @oriddleo1995