Single Review – White Lies – Come On 

The Ealing group of Indie rockers are just under a month from releasing their upcoming album Friends (out October 7th) and have released a new single en route to that destination with ‘Come On’.  The song maintains the bands cinematic and anthemic arrangement and production with Harry McVeigh warming up his booming baritone throughout the song. From the rumbling bass lines and the open riffs pours streaming synth chords and these are joined by chiming electronica mimicking the vocal harmonies. All instrumentation is led by McVeigh’s vocals into a loud, sing-a-long fruition. There’s the odd bit of novelty with this track, but it’s all in pursuit of that anthemic sound which we all know White Lies do brilliantly, but you’re left hoping that they’d have tried something else. A solid track in general.

Owen Riddle