Single Review – The Raveonettes – Choke On Love

There’s yet another track from The Raveonettes Rave of the month series as they create an album’s worth of music over the course of the year. The Danish duos latest track is ‘Choke On Love’ and it features a lively, almost summer feeling track with resonant, fine riffs that are accentuated with distortion. The track fades into a wistful and hazy phase from which a quick fire lead riff meanders through. The song is a catchy and complex piece of Pop music, but it almost ends too soon and doesn’t endeavour to force the issue. 

Owen Riddle 

Single Review – The Raveonettes – This Is Where It Ends

The Copenhagen Noise Rock duo are approaching the conclusion of their Rave of the Month series which has given us a new song each month and will culminate into a full album come December. This concept has worked well on the whole, providing new material on a regular basis, but with each song released like a single not all of them have been single tracks of course. They clearly wanted the album to work as a flowing piece come the end of the year and they’ve considered that throughout. Their latest track ‘This Is Where It Ends’ is a gentle and typically unnerving in its lingering chords and tones with washed out percussion and electronica playing in a basic waltz signature; their vocals hauntingly sweeping across the track. It’s another subtle track, but one that keeps the the Raveonettes talented standards. You get the feeling the need one more powerful or evocative track before the year is out however. 

Owen Riddle

Single Review – The Raveonettes – A Good Fight

The established Copenhagen Noise Rockers continue to release material every month as part of their Rave of the Month series for 2016. Their latest track for August is ‘A Good Fight’ and it shows familiar flashes of rapid, distorted rhythms and echoed vocals. These sections fall away towards a chiming piano ballad with washed out, hazy vocals and a more open and spacious feel. Beyond this, the track is filled with dark and unnerving lyrical content which matches the duos general feel for this series of tracks, of which ‘A Good Fight’ is one of the strongest. 

Owen Riddle

Single Review – Agnes Obel – Familiar

The Copenhagen born and Berlin based folk singer songwriter Agnes Obel has finalised the preparations for her third studio album Familiar. The single of the same name has been premiered this week and it sees Obel push forward her captivating folk style with fleeting moments of production flair. The spacious piano chords and brushed percussion meets naturally with Obel’s whispy, yet powerful vocals. She goes on to modulate and pitch shift her vocal to mirror her original and this generates wonderfully diverse melodies against the earthy violins that close the song. Another justification of her talent and a future highlight of the year. 

Owen Riddle

Single Review – MØ – Final Song

Even during a classic British summertime MǾ’s bouncing new single Final Song is sure to inspire you to whack those sunglasses on and smother yourself in sunscreen. Since collaborating with Diplo on last year’s dancefloor triumph Lean On, the Danish soloist has teamed up with yet another soaring musical force MNEK and Noonie Bao to produce an invigorating summer anthem that simply screams Coachella. The song is your typical let’s-put-the-car-roof-down-and-dance-in-the-sand kind of summer chart-topper, centred around a supreme climax built upon a whirring electronic bass, a bursting 4-note jovial riff and resonating harmonies. MǾ has expressed the song to be about “connecting with your inner strength” and being “empowered from within.” With such an enlivening, festival-ready number, it’s difficult not to radiate a summery glow whilst listening to it and beyond.

Eleanor Chivers

Single Review – The Raveonettes – Junko Ozawa

With the fourth instalment in their Rave of the Month series, long-standing Copenhagen duo The Raveonettes have released their new single ‘Junko Ozawa’. With a track that is in homage to video game music composer Ozawa, the sound is evocative of the blocky and popping sounds of the composer. Around this are the ringing, washed out guitars of their Noise Rock sound that are set around a rapid, driving drum machine. It is a track that has greater electronic influence than their previous singles with the rhythm sections inducing synth surges by the second half of the song. It is another catchy, yet atmospheric addition to their growing collection this year.

Owen Riddle

Single Review – The Raveonettes – Excuses

With the third instalment of their Rave of the Month album, for March we get ‘Excuses’. Operating in the middle ground between the electronic and lo-fi elements of the previous two singles, here with a divergent track moving from sound to sound in a obtuse, yet smooth fashion. The echoed riffs and percussion of a dark Surf Rock track descend towards their buzzing, lo-fi sound. This reaches a vocal peak however before leading into a rhythmic and almost classic hip hop beat of the chorus. The song smooths over the changes with an uneasy atmospheric quality which they achieve by having whirring electronica as a constant. Lyrically they continue to relate romantic pitfalls with war imagery in a fashion as brazen as their sound. A great track.

Owen Riddle

Single Review – The Raveonettes – Run Mascara Run


The second instalment of The Raveonettes Rave of the Month series this month, sees the Copenhagen duo swap resonant electronica for more a twisted and distorted, swooning ballad. Behind the clear and innocent vocals and classic Rock-Pop riffs are dark lyrics of blood stained imagery and the horrors of a nuclear holocaust. The ever increasing distortion as the track progresses really adds to the audible imagery of the static left over by a nuclear detonation. Though a simple arrangement, the music is pulled and manipulated wonderfully to master that contradictory sound of darkness behind innocence. Something that these two are experts in.


Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

Single Review – The Raveonettes – This World is Empty (Without You)

Copenhagen’s finest duo of Lo-fi surf rock shoegazers; The Raveonettes are back with an intriguing prospect for what is in effect their eighth studio album in The Rave Sound of the Month Series. Their plan is to release an albums worth of material gradually at one new track each month with ‘This World is Empty (Without You)’ being their first. It is a track that sees the duo shift their emphasis away from the heavily distorted and washed out guitars they utilised in recent years and instead opt for a more resonant and vibrant electronic style. Their icy harmonies work just as well in this environment as they have ever done. The track is neatly packaged at under three minutes and still conveys the duos ability to convey loss and darkness through seamless pop harmonies. Drip feeding the album in such a way is also a smart move as it gives fans the assurance of a new track each month; almost a Raveonettes musical calendar. Be sure to mark down the month of February for this track for these quiet legends of 21st century music.


Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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