Single Review – All Tvvins – Crash

All Tvvins already established their moody pop ventures on single Anytime – a fresh, funky tune that only just meets the border of exciting. And while latest release, Crash, abides by the same airy ambience, it takes on a very different theme and feel. I think the shadowy synths fit this tone better than on Anytime – the way they are drawn out only adds to the sense of prolonged pain All Tvvins detail in the lyrics describing the loss of a loved one in a car crash, as well as aiding the haunting and ghostly aura of the track. The song feels sincere; unlike Anytime, it isn’t just another throwaway pop record. It pushes ordinary pop instrumentalism and morphs it into something with narrative and with soul. The minimalism is especially effective – it sounds spacey and empty. To many, this may sound just like another average pop track, but to me, it’s raw, it’s emotional and it’s expertly done; everything pop music should be.

Ellie Chivers