Single Review – Vaults – Cry No More

The new track from Vaults sees them maintaining the spacious, minimalistic tones and atmospherics of their 2014 EP Vultures that are strung finely together by light chiming rhythms. It’s from this subtle percussive base that they hammer home the churning electronica through pronounced beats and rhythms along with a greater vocal surge. It’s a track that doesn’t stray too far from what they’ve done so far, but at this stage of their careers they want to be backing up their sound and they’re certainly doing that.

Single Review – Vaults – Lifespan

Vaults are a quiet and reserved emerging group plying chiming and soaring electronica as their trade in the form of dream pop melodies and structures. ‘Lifespan’ is their most recent track and one that is wholly evocative of this. It opens with eerie whirrs that are given life by the basic beat sample and the sweeping and haunting vocals capture it all and then the music falls from it with each simple chime and piano chord. Between the vocals are waves of distorted electronica in it’s place. It results in a track with graceful progression and smooth transitions while being expansive and spacious. A distant song with an immediate vocal to reflect off it and bring everything closer to the listener due to how intertwined the instrumentals are to it. A great track and I hope to hear more from them in the future.