Single Review – Darwin Deez – Time Machine

The go to guy for Indier that Indie music is Darwin Deez and he’s released a second single from his upcoming album Double Down for September 18th. ‘Time Machine’ is very typical with it’s loose and angular rhythm sections and purely aesthetic electronica. The rumbling bass line carries the song through the verses and that’s about the size of it along with some questionable lyrics. It’s no doubt a catchy song and one you can enjoy when you’re just having fun, but this song is devoid of any musical dynamism or character.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

Single Review – Darwin Deez – Kill Your Attitude

The latest single, Kill Your Attitude, from indie-pop artist Darwin Deez comes after two years of silence since his last album release. With a preppy drumbeat and twanging electric guitar it has a flavour of modern punk rock but is undoubtedly pop at the core. Darwin’s high-pitched vocals are fun and unpretentious, yet somehow the track feels a little hollow. The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along to, but the basic bassline and uncomplicated strum of the lead guitar soon become repetitive and somewhat grating.

A guitar in the song’s break does add a little variety and interest, adding a genuine rock element which is refreshing to hear in an indie-pop number, but once the chorus kicks back in once again it’s a case of simply waiting for the song to end. It’s a single with many merits, but not one which makes you want to listen again and again.

Ellie Scott @elliemaryscott