Single Review – The Academics – Different

Different the debut track from The Academics forthcoming EP, set to be released April 24th, pulses with life from start to finish. High tempo classic indie – rock guitar and bass lines power the song forward and give off an infectious energy. Craig Fitzgerald’s vocals are powerful and emotive as he repeats, I want you at the beginning of each chorus that builds to a climactic, I know that you’re different which seems fresh and potent each time. The lyrics then shift to, “I love you” repeated followed by “I love that you’re different” which carry much the same effect as the prior variation. The track is constantly peeking and free falling and at no point do you feel it has reached a plateau helping it to remain exciting from start to finish. This 4 piece band utilises the generic conventions of the indie – rock genre perfectly, manipulating them to create a straight to the point anthem charged with meaning and purpose that is set to get any crowd on board.

Dominic Naughton