Single Review – MØ – Final Song

Even during a classic British summertime MǾ’s bouncing new single Final Song is sure to inspire you to whack those sunglasses on and smother yourself in sunscreen. Since collaborating with Diplo on last year’s dancefloor triumph Lean On, the Danish soloist has teamed up with yet another soaring musical force MNEK and Noonie Bao to produce an invigorating summer anthem that simply screams Coachella. The song is your typical let’s-put-the-car-roof-down-and-dance-in-the-sand kind of summer chart-topper, centred around a supreme climax built upon a whirring electronic bass, a bursting 4-note jovial riff and resonating harmonies. MǾ has expressed the song to be about “connecting with your inner strength” and being “empowered from within.” With such an enlivening, festival-ready number, it’s difficult not to radiate a summery glow whilst listening to it and beyond.

Eleanor Chivers

Single Review – MØ – Kamikaze

MØ has teamed up with Diplo again for her brand new single Kamikaze. However Kamikaze has moved on from the pounding bass, and has gone with a flowing bounce a real head mover. MØ has used strings and the famous horns heard in ‘Lean On’; but Kamikaze has taken on a more laid back approach with its fluttering upbeat melody accompanied by MØ’s distinctive silky vocal. Kamikaze is sparkling, addictive and will defiantly give MØ even more internet buzz, this feel good track will be another huge hit for MØ.

Heather Burlington @heaatherB