This Weeks Music Video with alt -J, Jenny Lewis, Spoon and Lykke Li

alt – J – Hunger of the Pine


Jenny Lewis – Just One of the Guys


Spoon – Do You


Lykke Li – Gunshot


Single Review – Spoon – Do You

The long running band from Austin, Texas; Spoon are back with another single off their upcoming eighth studio album with They Want My Soul which is out on August 5th. ‘Do You’ is a laid back and simple track with light hearted vocal ‘doo’s’, light and muted rotating rhythms to make up the song’s basic structure to feed back into the vocal instrumentals and for lead guitar parts to fill over it predictably. The vocal sits above it well and carries a lot of the song’s life. It isn’t a great song by any means and ‘Rent I Pay’ has a little more about it. It is a pleasant one nonetheless.