Single Review – All Tvvins – Anything

Wikipedia call the Irish duo All Tvvins an alternative band, yet new single Anything seems to suggest a shift in tone for the double act. It lures you in with an enticing lonely bass and ethereal vocals, and keeps hold of you with the playful electronica probes. The minimalist approach to funk explored throughout the track builds to an anthemic bass drop, with dazing riffs and sprightly percussion. It’s airy, ambient pop at its finest, carried by vivacious percussion and topped with soft, echoic harmonies. It’s punchy and exciting in that its summery feel diverts from what IIVV established back in 2016, but potentially nowhere near punchy and exciting enough for another number two finish on the Irish charts.
Ellie Chivers

Single Review – James Vincent McMorrow – How To Waste A Moment

James Vincent McMorrow is a singer and songwriter from Dublin, Ireland, who’s new single How To Waste A Moment, was released on 10th August. Having made his UK TV debut on BBC Two’s Later… With Jools Holland in May 2011 and receiving a European Borders Breakthrough Award in recognition of his debut album ‘Early In The Morning’ in 2012, McMorrow is gaining quite a following for his music.

McMorrow’s most recent release fosters a laidback energy and beautifully balanced sound that creates an intimate portrayal of the singer/songwriter, accompanied by McMorrow’s smooth vocals, the track is a perfectly engineered piece of acoustic come indie music. Opening into a gentle melody underpinned by tight drums, the song allows the listener to enter the world of McMorrow, and sets a precedent for the relaxed vibe that plays out throughout the song. The melody within the track rolling along creating a constant fixture that is built around by the various sounds that are brought in, adding further dimensions to the track and allowing the music to develop into a perfectly subtle soundscape, beautifully encompassing the narrative of McMorrow’s music. The song subtly builds bringing in deeper and denser sounds, creating tension beneath McMorrow’s vocals who’s own voice adds to the gentle and subdued sound of the track. McMorrow builds an exquisite atmosphere that indulges the listener, producing a raw energy that creates an ethereal quality throughout the track, enticing the listener and keeping the interest within the song.

Overall the track is an excellent example of acoustic/indie music, and McMorrow’s vocals are a beautiful accompaniment to the perfectly balanced sounds within the song. This track is a further notch that can be added to an already growing and impressive CV for the Dublin based musician. His vocals and sounds coming together in a perfect marriage, each balanced to create a magical soundscape that is both relaxing and interesting in equal measure. The song itself is an excellent example of McMorrow’s abilities, both through his singing and musical capabilities.

Matthew Kay

Single Review – Girl Band – De Bom Bom

Girl Band
Girl Band are an all male noise quartet from Dublin and they are about to release their new single ‘De Bom Bom’ on September 1st with a cover Beat Happening’s ‘I Love You as it’s B-Side. The A-Side track is a raging and screeching piece of nihilistic punk rock with a light but aggressive beat, industrially grinding and churning guitars and a scratching bass line with vocal shouts and wails over the top of it. The continues throughout the song, only changing to step up the tempo and intensity of it all. You can only imagine what the hell happens at one of their live shoes or gigs but through the chaos, you do pick up their skill and partially covered features that go unsung, such as the neat distortion of the bass which could be their secret weapon if you like. Oh and they’re influenced by Daft Punk too….

Single Review – Little Matador – Stitch Yourself Up


Little Matador is a very experienced and talented quintet from Dublin. Lead singer Nathan Connolly describes Little Matador as him taking time out of the ‘day job’ playing lead guitar in Snow Patrol. Around him are members of Idlewild and Tired Pony to name just a few. Their debut single ‘Stitch Yourself Up’ is a brash, heavy and in your face affair that is from their upcoming self titled album expected on April 21st. The song has a stomping and bold rhythm with a an isolated and slightly distorted vocal that turns into a screaming inferno at the end of each line. The chorus still has that heavy stomping rhythm which turns into more of a melodic grind with Nathan’s vocal acting as an infectious hook amongst the large sounds. You’d imagine that this would cause a frenzy in a club or at a gig with the excellent song progression from it’s stomping nature progressing to rough edged melodies and hooks which make it an easy sing a long track too. You can catch them around the country from March 27th at Sheperds Bush Empire in support of Band of Skulls and ending on 8th – 10th May on the Q stage of The Great Escape festival in Brighton. Nathan Connolly stresses that this is not a short term project so expect to hear a lot more of them in the future.